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From:"Gutierrez, Juan"

I have both machines in my lab right now.  I would like to get rid of the
DAKO ASAP.  I used to be a DAKO nut, always recomending it to anybody who
would listen.  Now I can't wait to get rid of them.  Don't get me wrong, the
DAKO is a very good machine, but it's too labor intensive.  If you have
staffing problems, like most of us do, you will love the Benchmarks.  You
just cut your slides, dry them and load them.  What could be easier?  On the
DAKO you have to deparaffinize, do antigen retrieval, make up your solutions
and make sure that they are loaded in the right spot or your run is ruined.
The Benchmark does all that for you.  Both companies have excellent
technical service so on that area is a toss-up.  I don't know what your
volume is, but if you can swing it, go for the Benchmark XT.  I just went
through training at Ventana and got to play with it . WOW!!!!  We ran FISH,
CISH and immunos on the same run with room to spare for reagents.  Excellent
results all the way around.  I am willing to sell a kidney to get one(just
kidding).  I hope I didn't bore you to much.  If it was my money I would get
the Benchmark,and if money is no problem get the XT specially if you're
doing probes.  Hope this helps.
P.S. I don't work for Ventana or get a cut from them.  They just have great
Juan C. Gutierrez, HT(ASCP) 
Histology Supervisor 
Christus Santa Rosa Hospital 

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Subject: Ventana and Dako stainers

My hospital is looking at purchasing a new immuno stainer and special
stainer.  We have looked at both the Ventana and the Dako.  I have my own
opinions and preferences but would like to hear what others think.  I would
especially like to hear from people who have used both company's machines.
Which did you prefer and why.  Thanks so much for your help.

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