RE: Tungsten carbide knife sharpener

From:Alan Bright

Dear Jose,

Unless you have large amounts of TC knives to sharpen, you would find it
more economical to use a knife sharpening service like the one we have
to offer, also from time to time the knives will require regrinding to
reduce facet size this involves purchasing another type of machine that
is three times the cost of a knife sharpener.

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From: Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez [] 
Sent: 16 July 2003 14:27
Subject: Tungsten carbide knife sharpener

Dear all
Does any of you know how much does it cost a Tungsten carbide knife
sharpener? I found a price here in Spain but I think it is excesive
expensive (nearly 15,000 US $) . Would like to know prizes in other
places (countries)
thanks in advance for your help
Jos#233# Luis

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