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From:Bernard Ian R SSgt 59 CRES/MSROP

Think about what you use in your lab for plastics.  Are our processes
similar? Is there something that will make life better or easier?   A type
of container, a book, an instrument, a monomer kit kit, a special stain,
coversliping media , plastic processor, and again must have books. etc.

Is the Leica Polycut a microtome and approx how much?  Type of samples?

Thanks to all in advance.
God bless
SSgt Bernie

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Subject: Attention Plastic and Ground Histology colleagues!!

My department has money to spend, and I'm trying to purchase items that I
can use in the Plastic or Ground Histology processes; instruments,
equipment, books, educational material etc.  Any suggestions please?  I
work with Plastic , Butyl MMA and PMMA using the EXAKT system in Ground
Histology and with the Tungsten Carbide Knivfe on my Microm microtome.
Thanks in advance 
Stay tuned for Plasticnet.

You need to give more specifics on what you WANT to accomplish in terms of
finished slides, microtomy, ground sections, staining, etc. in order to
give suggestions.  One suggestion is a Leica Polycut with Ultramiller - 

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