RE: CAP/cryostat

From:Gayle Callis

For disinfecting cryostat or rather just a good cleaning, we use 70%
alcohol, recommended for biohood work, then wiping down with 100% ethanol
after wiping out trimmings. However, we are not bound by CAP regulations in
research, but the next statement is the point. 

I remember from past Histonet discussions that 70% alcohol is more
effective than 100% as a disinfectant, and that is why it is used in
biohoods.  Hence, using 70% for cryostat cleaning seemed logical to us. 

If wipes that kill bacteria/viruses are used, hopefully they contain
nothing that corrodes cryostat innards/mechanisms.  I don't think I would
use acetone in a cryostat, it may eat away lubrication, as might the
alcohol. I would check with manufacturers for their recommendations. Tough
call here and particularly those who deal with occasional prion disease
problems - something we may have to deal with in the near future.   


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