Olympus BH2 microscope

From:Patty Lott

We have an old Olympus BH2 microscope, which we have just refurbished and set up for our new Bioquant system.  However, we have just found out that the nosepiece is bad, and the objectives will not lock into place properly.  While this would not be terrible for other uses-it's an insurmountable obstacle with measuring software! 


Does anyone out there in histoland have an old Olympus BH2, (or the nosepiece!) that they'd be willing to part with?  It's an older generation microscope, but I'd like to stick with it, since I've just have it's stage fitted with stage encoders!


Thanks in advance!


Patty Lott, Laboratory Supervisor

Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Center for Metabolic Bone Disease Laboratory

University of Alabama at Birmingham

LHRB B37 0007

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