Changing decalcifier

From:Gayle Callis

The rule of thumb, is decalcify in 20:1 ratio of decalcifier to tissue.
Remember that the decalcifier is being exhausted so it MUST be replenished
- daily is highly recommended. If you don't change it, how are you going to
have good decalcification with an exhausted decalcifier?  As for cost, the
patient is the most important part, and for research, if it is done
properly, then you get good results.  

Are you doing chemical endpoint checks?  If so and my compliments IF you do

You should change it daily, particularly close to completion of
decalcification with endpoint checks in order to: 

1. Avoid overexposure to the acid aka overdecalcification (really a
misnomer)      that will damage tissue. 

2. Take an aliquot from bottom of container in order to do the chemical
test.  When you get near the end, smaller amounts of calcium are removed,
sink to bottom of container (don't use stirring!) and need to be tested
more often.

Larger volumes can be used at first, but I am a daily changer! 


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