soft JB-4 blocks

From:Cathy Mayton

Dear Rachael,
It sounds like there is too much  of the JB-4 solution B in the embedding medium.  Does the manufacturer instructions give a 25 ml Solution A to 1.25 ml Soltuion B  ratio?  Also, you mentioned the blocks being removed from a dessicator.  Are the blocks being stored on dessicant (Drierite) as well?   I use the Polyscience Solution A and Solution B practically everyday and my blocks are consistantly hard.  One thing you may try is to place the polymerized blocks in a 60 degree oven overnight.  Then cool the blocks and place them in a container (does not have to be a dessicator) with dessicant. 
I have forwarded your email to Pamela Marcum at Polysciences but I am sure Pamela also saw your question.
Good luck,
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