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On 6/25/02 Corazon Bucana wrote:
"Recently some questions came up on how best to validate the antibodies that
we are using. I would appreciate any information as to how other people do
this sort of thing. My strategy is to do a competition experiment but
sometimes that may not be feasible especially when dealing with antibodies
to phosphorylated molecules. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly

Cell Signaling Technology uses a variety of techniques to validate the
staining of our products, including phospho-specific antibodies. We profile
signaling pathways in stimulated or otherwise treated cell-lines that are
fixed, processed and paraffin-embedded. We will also look at the effect of
inhibitors on downstream signaling. Prior to fixing the cells an aliquot is
removed for lysate preparation and a western blot is run. The blot result is
compared with the IHC staining. Typically when we see specific inhibition of
a protein and its downstream targets by western, we will see the same with
the paraffin-embedded cell pellets. For example, using the LNCaP cell line,
we see excellent Phospho-AKT staining in the membrane of the untreated
cells, and that membrane staining is eliminated upon treatment with
LY294002, as is the staining seen with Phospho-GSK3. 
Another approach is to preincubate the antibodies with antigen-specific or
control peptides prior to incubation on the slide. Peptide blocking is also
performed in conjunction with a western blot for verification. 
A third approach we use for the phospho-specific antibodies is to pre-treat
the slide with phosphatase prior to incubation with the primary antibody.
This works very well and nicely demonstrates phospho-specificity. This can
also be done in conjunction with western blotting. 
Perhaps any single approach is insufficient; however, when performed in
combination we feel there is ample evidence for the specificity of the
I'm always interested to hear others' opinions on this! 

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