Re: sterilization of instruments

I had a feeling that is where you were headed with the question. Rnase Away
is dissection friendly..... I think we get it from Fisher but not sure.
Molecular BioProducts we dip, wipe and rinse in
autoclaved/DEPC water wipe again and you are ready to go and no open flame.
Let me know if you need more of a protocol. but it works for us and has for
quite some time.

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In response to a few replies, we need to sterilize in between samples and
or animals because we are taking multiple sterile samples for PCR and or
RNA and or rapid urease, each from the same animal. Disposable instruments
have been deemed too costly, and moving the "flame" away from the ETOH
while simple still does not seem to work for some people. Environmental
Health and Safety would like us to eliminate the open flame if possible.


Kathy Cormier

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