Re: rat/mouse H&E staining

From:Gayle Callis

Richard Allan hematoxylin 1 with their clarifier, blueing and eosin.  Ask
them for their manual to explain how to do H&E staining.  They will also
send you samples of their products to try. 

Bring to water
Hematoxylin 1   1 1/2 min
Rinse 1 min
clarifier 1 min
rinse 1 min
bluing 1 min
rinse 1 min
70% alcohol 1 min
eosin y 30 sec to 1 min

If you decalcify, you may have to extend hematoxylin staining, decrease
eosin, eosin/phloxine works very well with decalcified bone, some like it
for all tissues.  They also have that.  

At 09:16 AM 7/22/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Fellow histotechs,
>If anyone is willing to share their H&E staining procedure for rat/mice
>tissue I would greatly appreciate it. I am staining brain, skin, sub
>cutaneous  tumors, stomach and whole 1 day olds. I would like to know what
>type of stains (brands), times and techniques (progressive or regressive)
>some of you are using. Once again, this is for rat/mice tissue in a research
>setting, not a clinical setting.
>Ron Martin, B.Sc., HT/HTL (ASCP)
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