Re: immuno on JB4


IHC doesn't work well on GMA.  GMA cannot be removed and the reagents must pass
thru the plastic, IHC molecules are very large and have trouble passing thru.
It can be done but it is very difficult.  Some methods to enhance IHC on GMA
include etching the plastic with sodium hydroxide/ethanol and digestions to
open up the plastic, also shaking and long incubations with heat help, but your
best bet if you have more sample is to put it in paraffin or even MMA which can
be removed.

MaryLou wrote:

> Hi Histonetters,
> Thank you  Thank you  for the soil aggregate info.
> Now on to the next thing: I had put bird air sacs in JB4 plastic (the H&E's
> were beautiful) and the researcher wants to do smooth muscle actin
> staining. I told him to call Polysciences but is any one familiar with this
> procedure?
> Thanks again for all the pearls of wisdom.
> Mary Lou

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