Re: currettings, nylon bags, tissue papers

From:"K. Bowden"

I use the mesh cassettes.  They do save some time when your putting tissue in
cassettes.  When it is time to embed you have to look for the tissue so
marking the tissue in the alcohol would be useful.

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Gayle Callis wrote:

> Endometrial currettings in nylon bags from Shandon (they have 3 or 4
> sizes), other companies have these too. We have used stiff, smooth lens
> paper (but make sure it is not going to shred as some papers are sturdier
> than others).  A fine mesh bag could be made from recycled ladies knee high
> sheer nylon dress socks, pantyhose was suggested some years ago for large
> bone slabs and did work - so everyone can laugh now! Or go to a fabric
> store and buy some fine nylon mesh fabric, make own bags??
> What about the mesh cassettes available these days, how do people like
> them? There is one with an mesh insert that folds over to hold currettings,
> looked like a nice design for this purpose.
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