Re: antigen unmasking

From:Cathy Gorrie


I can't help with the specifics of the question but a word of 
warning. Be careful what solvents you use during the second 
procedure. Apparently, DiI will come out of tissue quite easily in 
some solutions and after waiting all that time for it to do it's 
thing, it would be heartbreaking.


>  my last question appeared to have been too specific (the diI /
>immunocytochemistry question), so here is one that is more general.  we
>have tissue that has sat in paraformaldehyde for 6 weeks (while the diI
>tracer transported).  we now want to do immunocytochemical processing to
>visualize a peptide we are interested in.  would antigen unmasking be
>likely to help, and if so, can anybody reccomend an easy beginning
>unmasking method?

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