Re: Sterilization of instruments

Hi Kathy,

We  necropsy between 20 and 30 rats or mice in a session and do not
sterilize between animals. Are you taking swabs?

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                                     Subject:     Sterilization of instruments                                                            

Hello all!

What is the preferred method of sterilizing instruments during necropsy of
multiple animals? We may do upwards of 20 animals during a session. What we
do is in between animals or samples is to dip the instruments in 70% ETOH
then "flame" them, allow to cool off for 20 seconds them proceed with
dissection. After one too many beaker fires we are being asked to change
our procedure. One suggestion is heated bead sterilization in between
samples/ animals another is to order 30 additional sets of instruments and
autoclave the sets prior to use. Any suggestions?


Kathy Cormier
Histology Supervisor
Div Comparative Med

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