Re: Sterilization of instruments

From:Susan Bell


We use autoclaved instruments, a new set for each animal.  Can end up 
being a lot of instruments (often more than 20), but we are a 
research facility, and therefore we have to be sure there is not any 
cross contamination between animals.

I hope this helps.

Susan Bell

At 12:02 PM -0400 7/30/02, Kathleen Cormier wrote:
>Hello all!
>What is the preferred method of sterilizing instruments during 
>necropsy of multiple animals? We may do upwards of 20 animals during 
>a session. What we do is in between animals or samples is to dip the 
>instruments in 70% ETOH then "flame" them, allow to cool off for 20 
>seconds them proceed with dissection. After one too many beaker 
>fires we are being asked to change our procedure. One suggestion is 
>heated bead sterilization in between samples/ animals another is to 
>order 30 additional sets of instruments and autoclave the sets prior 
>to use. Any suggestions?
>Kathy Cormier
>Histology Supervisor
>Div Comparative Med


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