Re: Setting ink on tissues

From:Shaun Kay

Could you tell us what pH we are talking about as I have recently had a
problem with the india ink staying on the tissue during processing.  Its
been fine for 15 years and now starts to play up
Mr Shaun Kay
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> It is my understanding that it is the pH that sets the India Ink.  I have
been using out of date decal solution and it works great.
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> Vinegar (dilute GAA) has been use for decades to set dyes in the clothing
> industry.  It is the GAA in the bouin's solution as well as the picric
> that sets the ink so just making dilute GAA is much safer and cost
> effective.  I keep a spray bottle of 5% GAA next to my cutting board to
> spray the specimens.  No mess little waste.
> Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
> Histology Manager
> Carle Clinic
> Urbana, IL
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> Subject: Setting ink on tissues
> Hello!  Question for the netters:  Who or when or how did it come about to
> use a dilute glacial acetic acid solution to help set ink on tissues.
> is used in place of dunking in Bouin's.  Anybody know?
> Thanks,
> Linda McDonald
> Cleveland Clinic Health Systems
> Cleveland, OH
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