Re: Sequenza Staining Racks!

From:Jan Bauer

Dear Jennifer,

We have been using these racks as long as I remember (at least 10 years) and have been very satisfied with them. You can do all the steps in the racks (except for the incubation with DAB which we do here in a coplin jar).  For each antibody about 120 microliter is recommended but we use 150 microliter. For the washing steps you just fill up the coverslips with PBS from a squeezebottle. There is also no need to use the disposable coverslips just once, after washing with water and some detergent they can be re-used (do not wash them in the dishwasher because then they will bend and cannot be used anymore). We use superfrost slides but you can use als kinds of slides with the right dimensions.

Finally, one comment, somehow during the last years we are more and more unsatisfied with the results from these racks; the stainings are often uneven with strong staining on one side of the section and weak staining on the other side.  This however does not have anything to do with the fact that we are re-using the coverslips, it also happens with a new set of coverslips. We do not know the reason for this, it certainly is not that the slides are not correctly fitted. I rather suspect that the coverslips themselves somehow are manufactered differently. Does someone else also has this experience?


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