I had a few requests to summarize the responses I received on this subject,
so hear it is:

7,000 cases    2 full-time HT and a part-time aide
                      Specials, frozens, NO immunos, aide does cyto prep

6,000 cases    3 full-time HT
                      Specials, immunos, cyto prep

4,000 cases     2 HT (awaiting a third this fall)
 (Military)          Immunos, specials, ship paps for Thin prep, Non-Gyn

13,000 cases    Manager(does bench also) + 2 HT, 2 lab-aides, 1 PA
                        Specials, Immunos, frozens and cyto prep

6,600  cases     4 HT (including supervisor that does some bench)
                        Specials, Immunos and cytoprep

Thanks to those that responded!!!

Dawn Schneider, HT(ASCP)
Howard Young Medical Center
Woodruff, WI

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Date: Monday, July 15, 2002 11:41 AM

>Thanks for all of your replies!!!!  My boss is taking them to
>to show what our staffing SHOULD BE!!!!  Thanks again to all that
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>Date: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 3:39 PM
>>   I know this subject has come up again and again, and yes I went into
>>archives, but didn't find too many e-mails on subject.
>>I would like to hear from relatively small labs please, how many cases you
>>do a year and how many histotechs you have. (if you want to break down
>>blocks and slides that would be great, otherwise I can go by just cases).
>>Do the histotechs do computer entry and billing or do you have clerical
>>staff that helps?  Do you know how many stains per year (immunos and
>>We have approximately 2,600 cases per year with the likelihood of getting
>>3,000 more per year from a nearby clinic.  So, my supervisor  needs to
>>some benchmarks to go to administration  with to hire additional help.  We
>>do immunos and do all of the computer entry and reports by ourselves (no
>>clerical staff).  We have an outside company that does the transcription.
>>I would be very appreciatative if you would answer my questions and hlep
>>get more help!!!!
>>If you would like to call instead of e-mail that would be fine too.
>>Also, if anyone in Northern WI is looking for a job------stay tuned!!!!!
>>Dawn Schneider, HT(ASCP)
>>Howard Young Medical Center
>>Woodruff, WI
>>(715) 356-8174

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