Re: Papers for endometrial curettings

From:Janay Zeck

Another trick with the blue sponges is to dip them in 70 -95% ethanol
just prior to pouring the endometrial specimen through.  The ethanol
expands the sponge ever so slightly so that they filter through twice as
fast than through sponges soaked in water or NBF.  They come out the same
on the embedding end, but you save a LOT of time grossing, especially
when compared to straining through filter paper.

Janay Zeck, HTL(ASCP)
(retired from histology to enjoy a final month with family and friends
before entering Albany Medical College's class of 2006...)

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:26:39 -0500 hymclab  writes:
> Hi,
> We use the blue sponges from Allegiance.  Be sure and have them wet 
> (we have
> them sitting in a jar with water or formalin), put sponge in 
> cassette, pour
> endometrial contents from container right thorugh blue sponge (works 
> like a
> funnel) and the curettings stay put and they are easier to see when
> embedding.  They also come off the sponge in one piece usually.  We 
> have no
> problem with sponge artifact as some people report!!
> Hope this helps,
> Dawn
> Howard Young Medical Center
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> From: Vickroy, Jim 
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> Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 8:47 AM
> Subject: Papers for endometrial curettings
> When we are grossing endometrial curettings we have been using a 
> tissue
> paper to wrap the specimens and then place in a cassette.
> Now everything sticks to the paper which is a real pain when at the
> embedding center. The tissue paper we use is also used for hair
> permanents. Does anybody have any ideas that work great?
> Jim Vickroy
> Memorial Medical Center
> Springfield, IL

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