Re: Papers for endometrial curettings


We use the blue sponges.  Make sure they are soaked well with water or
formalin, place them in the cassette and pour material through and the
curettings stay put very nicely.  Works great at the embedding center,  they
usually peel off the sponges in one peice and you can see them nicely with
the blue background!@!!

Howard Young Medical Center
Woodruff, WI
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From: Vickroy, Jim 
Date: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 8:47 AM
Subject: Papers for endometrial curettings

When we are grossing endometrial curettings we have been using a tissue
paper to wrap the specimens and then place in a cassette.
Now everything sticks to the paper which is a real pain when at the
embedding center. The tissue paper we use is also used for hair
permanents. Does anybody have any ideas that work great?

Jim Vickroy
Memorial Medical Center
Springfield, IL

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