Patsy,    I don't remember (old age...)   if I responded to you earlier regarding this subject...but....

In Colorado, a law was passed in June 2001, that requires providers (hospitals or clinics, etc.)  to offer all options of disposition to patients who have had a pregnancy  loss regardless of gestational age or diagnosis.   We are required to give the 'baby' back to the parents or to a funeral home as per the patient's request.   We developed a disposition form and brochures that address this.   We had to have two different to cover elective, unwanted pregnancies and the other for bereaved patients.   (Talk about difficult choices of  verbage to use.)   These brochures address why we are required to offer these disposition options and, in addition, address other issues that may be a concern, ie. family counseling, laboratory testing, bereavement counseling, etc.)   We have given families and/or funeral homes paraffin blocks if that is the only tissue we have remaining.  

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I asked about this before and only got a couple responses.  I am
interested in how you are handling "products of concept", fetus, embryo,
etc.  Do the families have access to these tissues?  Do you ask
permission of the patient to use thier cells for research, such as with
stem cell harvasting, tissue culture, cloning, etc.?  Is there a clear
policy in place at your institution regarding this?
I would like to be updated from UK people on your "tissue retention"
situation there.  When I was there in Oct. 2001, everything had to be
returned to the patient if requested, even single cells, blocks, and

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