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From:Greg Carpenter

We have just completed our first full year off-site.  We were unable to
relocate the gross/cutting room due to 'frozen section' issues, but
histology and cytology are a couple of blocks away from the hospital and our
7 pathologists.

I can't agree with the other comments that planning is essential,
particularly in the area of maintaining communication and courier service.
Document your plans and allow for flexibility.  Try to make a list of
everything that will change if you move and document how it will be handled
once off-site.  Below is a list of services that the hospital provided that
we now have to care for:

    -Hazardous waste disposal
    -Cleaning services
    -Clean linen
    -Type I &/or II water supply
    -Obtaining supplies (they will have to get to the new location some way.
If you do have them delivered to the new location, check with your supply
reps 1. to see if its even possible and 2. if it will make a difference in
delivery charges.  We found out that delivery to the hospital loading dock
didn't cost nearly as much!)
    -Safety (we are now responsible for our own fire drills, fire
extinguishers, ventilation, electrical checks, building security and things
we're still learning about.)
    -Communication (we didn't realize how much one-on-one between path and
histo took place until after the move)
    -Courier service (not just the big stuff - what is the plan for 'rush'
items, missed slides and blocks, pulling slides/blocks, and other little
things you don't even realize.)

This is giving me too many bad flashbacks!
Over all, it was worth it.  My best advice is, if you can, let someone else
be responsible!  Seriously though, at least one of the pathologists needs to
be as directly involved as possible.

p.s.  I like the name of your group.

Greg Carpenter
Associates In Pathology
Chattanooga, TN
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> We are currently in that situation.  We have been off-site for 3 months
now.  It can work, but keep this in mind, you must have a spectacular group
of couriers and plan everything down to the tiniest detail, do not wait
until you are already offsite to take care of the details.  Good luck
selling your docs on the idea.  Our 23 pathologist still reside at the
> >>> Amy Johnson  07/18/02 01:07PM >>>
> Our group is looking into the possibility of moving into larger
> accommadations.  We currently are located within the hospital we provide a
> service for just a few steps down the hall from the surgery area.  Our new
> location would be offsite and up the road from that same hospital.  Does
> anyone else have this setup and does it work?
> Thanks
> Amylin Johnson
> Associates in Pathology
> Wausau, WI

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