Re: Microwave processor?

From:Ross Stapf

I have been researching this for a few months.  Hacker ( has one which in my research appears to be the best on the market right now.  I just demoed it.  It worked good.  There was a little artifact, but it may have been fixation.  You can't skimp on the fixation and do microwave processing.  It is very unforgiving.   Even with the artifact, I am convinced that with tweeking the future is with microwave processing.  I have heard that there are a few labs who have turned off their VIP's.  Processing is 2 -4 steps and are manual.  Switching solutions isn't as hard as I thought though. 

Ted Pella INC also has one (  I have only seen the ad literature and it is worth checking out.

The May 1 issue of Histo Logic has a good article about Microwave Processing.  

Before jumping in though, talk to your Sakura Rep.  I have heard that Sakura Tissue Tek may be debuting an automatic Microwave Processer at the NSH National Meeting.  Although at first it will probably be major money and make the other microwave processors look very inexpensive, it is proof that this technology is very likely in all of our not too distant future.  The automatic Embedder isn't far off either.

I am not a sales rep.  I am just a gadget freak.  

Just remember though with all of this new technology on the horizon, just because it can be done and even done well doesn't mean it is cost effective.  

But, I think we have only begun to see the major changes in histology.

Ross Stapf 
Histology Superviser
Washington Adventist Hospital

>>> Tara Miller  07/16/02 10:57AM >>>
Just the other day I skimmed through my new issue of the "Journal of 
Histotechnology" and noticed an ad for a microwave processor. It said that 
it didn't need xylene or other solvents, and that it could process your 
normal tissue in three hours. Unfortunately I don't have the journal here 
with me, or I could give you more info.

Tara Oakes, H.T.

>From: Melissa Jensen 
>Subject: Microwave processor?
>Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:48:19 -0500
>I have read on this wonderful site...tid bits about microwave 
>processing..Is there a microwave processor? Or is this a special microwave? 
>I checked archives..Still not clear...if the comments refer to a procedure 
>or processor...I would like to have more info..Can ya help me out or lead 
>me in the right direction?......Thanks much netters!

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