Re: Microwave processor?

From:Tara Miller

Just the other day I skimmed through my new issue of the "Journal of 
Histotechnology" and noticed an ad for a microwave processor. It said that 
it didn't need xylene or other solvents, and that it could process your 
normal tissue in three hours. Unfortunately I don't have the journal here 
with me, or I could give you more info.

Tara Oakes, H.T.

>From: Melissa Jensen 
>Subject: Microwave processor?
>Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:48:19 -0500
>I have read on this wonderful site...tid bits about microwave 
>processing..Is there a microwave processor? Or is this a special microwave? 
>I checked archives..Still not clear...if the comments refer to a procedure 
>or processor...I would like to have more info..Can ya help me out or lead 
>me in the right direction?......Thanks much netters!

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