Re: MTs in histology


sounds like you have done a good job enlightening administrators on this issue, you
should give us all a course in how to do this.
patsy wrote:

> Have tried to post this to Histonet a couple of times, but it has bounced back.
> So here goes again:
> Much like the British system (at least it was when I left), I'm glad to say that
> HTs and MTs are on the same salary scale here.
> Administration saw the light when they became aware of what the HTs actually
> did, and took this into consideration along with the national shortage.
> Most hospital administrators wouldn't even know they had HTs in their facilities
> if no-one ever bothered to physically bring them in to the laboratory
> environment.
> And sorry, before the rush, we don't have any vacancies at present, although
> will have one in the pipeline in about three months.
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