Re: Long answer on use technics with Sequenza Staining Racks

From:Jan Bauer

Dear Gayle,
I think you did a marvelous job on describing the ins and outs of the Sheldon racks. No further comments necessary. There is only point I do not think is correct. It is not the "little plus charge marks at bottom of slide have a thickness of approx 147 micrometer" which forms the gap but rather there is a gap in the coverblades themselves (you can see them and feel them). I also did some quantification based on your 147 micrometer:

length of gap: 5,0 cm
broadness of gap 2,0 cm
height: 147 micrmeter or 0,0147 cm

This makes the volume: 5 x 2 x 0,0147 = 0,147 cm3 = 0,147 cc = 147 microliter

This would mean that if you put on 80-100 microliter antibody, part of your sections are not stained or weakly stained (due to diffusion).

Am I correct or did I misunderstand you?

A nice weekend to you all!

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