Re: Letting off steam!!! Off topic

From:Paul Howard Lockwood

     This may tick off a few people, but here goes.
     There is a reason why post-docs are more closely supervised than those with bachelors, or masters. The post-docs can really louse things up without additional 
training through internships. Those with bachelors and masters degrees are just sort of let loose upon the world with the hopes that someone will take them into hand and 
keep them out of trouble. At least until they are civilized.
     If you are this person's immediate supervisor, you outrank them, no matter what their degree is. If this person is somewhat independent of you, you are still in control of 
the lab where they work, and you have every right to require them to follow lab procedures. If you are subordinayte, you are still not sunk. Simply document every mistake 
they make, and present it to the next people up the food chain.  
     I hope this helps you. And I appologize to those of you with degrees who entered the working world already civilized.
    Paul Howard Lockwood

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