Re: Iron Stains

Sounds like the iron is being lost. What's in B-5? Does it contain acid to
help part decalcify?

                    Tim Walter                                                                                                                
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                                         Subject:     Iron Stains                                                                             

I seem to have a problem seeing Iron in my Bone  Marrow clot sections. My
control always works- it is a purchased positive  control that is formalim
fixed. I use B-5 to fix my clots and the bone bx. The  direct asperate
smear shows iron most of the time and that is fixed with methyl  alcohol.
this smear is air dried after the iron stain water rinse. My clot  sections
are brought through alcohols and xylene and then coverslipped. Am i
washing out my iron in the Alcohols? Is there anyone who uses B-5 for bone
marrow fixative? What is the secret? please help me.
                             Joyce Walter
                             Warren General Hospital
Warren, Pa

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