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Patsy Ruegg wrote:
In general I agree with Gayle on this, but there are special circumstances when
hard to find tissues may have to be procured from outside sources, this would
apply forinstance to those working solely with animal tissue where that tissue
may not meet the size requirements.  Hopefully, others providing tissue will
give large chuncks which the examee will still need to do the final dissection
preparation on.  In all circumstances of procuring tissue for the exam, one
must be involved and take responsibility for fixation, processing, embedding,
cutting and staining so that you can demonstrat your abilities in those areas.

Gayle Callis wrote:

> In my estimation, yes.  They should sit in at grossing when this is done to
> insure any size requirements are met and obtain optimal fixation. It never
> hurts to learn how to cut in your own tissues.  Hmmmm they might have to do
> that someday.  Processing with other tissues in the lab's scheduled run is
> fine, but they must embed their own tissues. I also think this goes for
> making up any staining solutions from scratch.
> This is all part of the learning experience and they are on their honor to
> do all parts of the exam.
>  At 09:06 AM 8/1/02 -0400, you wrote:
> >For the HT practical I know that the blocks must be sectioned and stained
> >by the examinee, but does that person also need to process the tissue
> >and/or gross trim the tissue?
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