Re: GI Biopsy Inking @ Gross Station

From:"Histology, Metro Lab"

We put a capful of Richard Allan Eosin Y in our last 100% alcohol on our
tissue processor.  It makes everything pink tinged and is gone after
Deb Croegaert
Metro Labs
Davenport Iowa
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From: "William Thoendel" 
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 2:25 PM
Subject: GI Biopsy Inking @ Gross Station

> Hi All,
> What type of stain do the PA's or pathologists put on gastric and colon
> biopsies when they gross the tissue to aide the embedder the following
> morning?  I have been using safranin for years but have now encountered
> questioning from the histo department that some nuclear detail is
> 'smudgy'... can this be attributed to the safranin??
> Thanks,
> Bill Thoendel
> Temp-PA in Oak Ridge, TN
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