Re: Foetal Muscle

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From:     Ronnie Houston AT SMH
Date:     07/25/2002 08:30 AM
Subject:  Re: Foetal Muscle

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Subject: Re: Foetal Muscle
Author:  Ronnie Houston at SMH
Date:    7/25/02 8:30 AM


     It might seem obvious, but the only difference is going to be the size of
     the sample. We were involved with a couple in Texas. Orientation is not a
     factor, as it's unlikely that you'd be able to determine ls from ts.

     Critical aspect? like any other muscle biopsy the freezing!

     Two of the main proponents of this in the States are Harvey Sarnat,and Eric
     Hoffman. If you'd like, I'll try to get you contact information.

     As you know, Billy's the manager of Neuropathology in Newcastle; I'm not
     sure that Margaret Johnson or Louise Anderson are doing fetal muscle

     Good luck

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours Health Partners Laboratories
     5801 Bremo Road
     Richmond, VA 23226

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Subject: Foetal Muscle
Author: at BSHSIBTW
Date:    7/25/02 5:46 AM

       In a couple of weeks I'm going to be freezing  a foetal muscle
       20-22 weeks depending on operation date) sample for
       histochemistry and
       dystrophy antibodies.  If anyone has any experience of dealing
       with foetal
       muscle I would appreciate any words of wisdom. Although I have
       done plenty
       of work on neonates I have never dealt with samples from a live foetus.

       Andy Shand

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