From:Ross Stapf

We have had a routine problem about every 6 months with either the pipet head not dispensing the correct amount of antibody or the blower not blowing off all of the buffer and therefore the antibody being diluted.

We have had problems when the machine isn't level and the slides dried out or didn't stain even because the solution ran off or to one side of the slide.  This can be because the whole machine is out of balance or because the slide rack is bent and only one or two slides are out of balance.

Even with all of the problems we have had, it is still better than the old Ventana we had (Although I have heard very good things about their most recent product).  Although I still long for our old Shandon Cadenza.  That was a workhorse of a machine.

Dako's customer support is excellent, they have been right there for each of our many problems.  Basicly the Dako's aren't built to run 2 or three full runs a day every day.  If you are doing that like we are, you will need to do a lot of QC, buy the service contract, and call them in at the first sign of trouble.

What problem are you having?

Ross Stapf
Histology Superviser
Washington Adventist Hospital

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