Re: Blade holder for high profile, heavy duty blades

From:Karen Pawlowski

Hi Robin,

I did talk to TBS and they said none of their holders accomodate the
highprofile-heavy duty blades. The only holder they have that
accomodates heavy duty blades is a low profile holder.


Robin Thain wrote:
> Have you tried TBS?
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> Sent: July 25, 2002 3:05 PM
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> Subject: Blade holder for high profile, heavy duty blades
> Hi everyone,
> We are looking for a new blade holder that will work in a sliding
> microtome to section celloidin embedded temporal bones.  We want
> to use high profile blades that are heavy duty to reduce chatter.
> We found several sources for the blades, but we can't find a holder
> that will hold a blade that is both high profile AND heavy duty
> (.033"-.035" thick).Does anyone know of a supplier of a holder for
> this type of blade?
> Thanks in advance,
> Karen Pawlowski, Ph.D.
> Research Scientist
> UT Dallas

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