Re: Alcian Blue stain

From:Melissa Jensen

I have never had to unstain an Alcian Blue.I do remember that once the
tissue takes up the dye of the Alcian blue..It binds to the tissue...and
water washes or alcohol washes wont even budge it...I would try rehydrating
and going to acid alcohol..let it set in there for a while..I don't know if
this work,or if you have already tried it...
  Good Luck!
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From: "Laurie Colbert" 
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 11:27 AM
Subject: Alcian Blue stain

> Does anyone know if (and how) I can decolorize an alcian blue stain so
that I can restain H&E?
> Laurie Colbert

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