RE: drying artefact

From:"Pasquetto, Silvia"

Yes, we have the same problem sometimes. The engineer of Bayer came many
times to check if something was not working properly. 
We tried to increase the number of drops of xylene covering the sections but
the problem, even if more rarely, appeared again. 
He told us that is necessary to acclimate the coverslipping film to the
enviroment of lab in which it will be used. We do everything he adviced but
the problem was not resolved completely. We noticed also that some tissues
(we work with animal ones) were mostly involved: adrenals, sternum, femur.

I can't say you the right way to resolve it, but I share with you this

GSK Company

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> Subject:	drying artefact
> For some considerable time we have been satisfied users of the Bayer
> Tissue-Tek coverslipper. Occasionally, and only recently, we see what
> appears to be drying artefact in sections, although we are convinced that
> the sections are not drying prior to the tape being applied.
> Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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