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I do agree that the service on the VIP tissue processors has declined drastically.  I have had more trouble geting the machines repaired.  In the Minneapolis area the subcontracting company that does service on the machine leaves a lot to be desired.  I have had one VIP donated to the school here that was deemed unrepairable because they could not find what was wrong.  With one phone call,  and a competent service person (Tom Buck) the machine was up and running with less than a $2000.00 bill. 
I still think the sakura is a great machine,  but someone needs to work on getting the customer service back to what it was years ago. 
Robert Brunner
Program Director
Histology Technician Program
Argosy University-  Bloomington MN
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For many years I have used old and new VIP's across the country,  and still do use both. I have never had any problem with repairs or performance.  I think Mr. Embrey,s problem is an isolated issue.  We are on contract with a repair company but we do not have any problems with them.  Even when I have called Sakura I have always had very helpful people.  VIP's are by far the most dependable processors, and I would probably never buy anything else.

Carole Fields
Lex Med Ctn
Columbia, SC

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