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From:Robert Geske

Hi Vikki,

We're using Discovery for ISH and IHC --- I can't speak to its use for
arrays.  If you can let me know what specific problems you are referring to,
I might be able to make a suggestion or share some insight.  I've been
satisfied with the instruments (we are using 2) to date and have had
excellent support from their staff when necessary.  Fortunately, one of
their field service engineers lives relatively close by and he has come out
when I called him at home on a weekend to help -- in general, everyone at
Ventana has been attentive and responsive to our requests.  It's a good,
flexible research tool if thats what you need.


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Subject: Tissue microarray

Hi All,

Our research facility is looking to start doing tissue
microarrays and I'm trying to get input of what start
up costs are and  which instrument are they using for
obtaining their tissue cores.  I'd also like to get
some feed back on the Ventana Discovery system.  I
have an old ES that I absolutely love, but I'm also
aware that there have been problems with subsequent
systems that Ventana has put on the market recently.

Thank you in advance to anyone who may have any info
to send me.


Vikki Baker

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