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From:Gary Gill

Don't use hair spray.  Its use in cytology was discredited long ago.  The composition is usually undefined.  If by chance you're using a hair spray that produces results you like, the manufacturer can change the composition without your knowing it.  The new formula may produce different results.
To make spray fixative that equals commercially available spray fixatives, simply dissolve 20 gm Carbowax 1450 in 95% ethanol up to 1,000 mL.  Denatured alcohol works equally well.  You may want to dilute it to 95% concentration, but it won't make a visibly detectable difference in cytomorphology.  (Denatured alcohol is 9 parts ethanol, 0.5 parts isopropanol, and 0.5 parts methanol.)
Gary Gill
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Subject: Spray Fixative for Cell preps

We have a client that is preparing cytospin preps for a research project without a lot of funding.  Does anyone out there have a formula for making up spray fixative from scratch?  Have inspected the bottle that we purchase commercially and have all of the reagents needed but can't locate a protocol.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Amy S.Porter, HT(ASCP)
Michigan State University
College of Human Medicine

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