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We get ours from ROBOZ surgical instruments.  They have a variety of sizes.  1-800-424-2984

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Hi Nick,
We used to use the forms  from Braintree Research for rat brains. I used low
profile microtome blades to slice through them, single edge razor blades got
hung up in the edge. It worked best if you left the blades in place until
you made all of your cuts, it added a bit of stability. I would process the
slides very quickly on a biopsy type run, using biopsy wraps to keep the
slices flat if they were very thin.
Best of luck!

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> My Path-o-logist has aked me to purchase and optimize a procedure using
> the little mold that hold a standard animal brain, with these little slots
> you can cut through certain parts of the brain(freehand) and then take
> those sectionjs and use for FFPA or frozens.  Looks like one of the boiled
> egg slicer type things.  Anyone in histoland have experience, an SOP, or a
> source regarding this?  This is new to this old histotech.  Thanks. 
> Nick Madary HT/HTL(ASCP)QIHC 
> Histology Supervisor, Human Genome Sciences, Inc 
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