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What you are talking about is a brain matrix, they come in different sizes depending on the rodent (rat, mouse).  Single edge safety razors fit into the slots.  Ours is metal and came from ASI Instruments, the last phone number I have is 810-756-1222.  Electron Microscopy Sciences sells acrylic matrices but I have never used one.  Their number  is 800-523-5874 .  I would suggest a good brain atlas so your pathologist can determine exactly what area/orientation he or she wants to see.  Then it will take a little trial  and error and practice to be consistent when you gross in the tissue  and embed it.  I would suggest lightly notching the brain before grossing so that you have an orientation reference.  It also helps the person reading the slides. In our case we were looking for an injection site. 

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My Path-o-logist has aked me to purchase and optimize a procedure using the little mold that hold a standard animal brain, with these little slots you can cut through certain parts of the brain(freehand) and then take those sectionjs and use for FFPA or frozens.  Looks like one of the boiled egg slicer type things.  Anyone in histoland have experience, an SOP, or a source regarding this?  This is new to this old histotech.  Thanks.

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