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I guess it would really depend on the institution.  Most Pathologists'
Assistants have little histology experience and most I know would rather not
supervise the technicians.  My position here is a dual role PA and histology
manager only because I am recognized as a pathologists' assistant by the
AAPA and also as a histotech by ASCP and had many years military experience
as a histology supervisor.  You have to remember that pathologists'
assistants train to perform what would normally be pathologist's duties and
not histology.  I don't know what your educational background is or anything
about your credentials so I can't comment on your being told that you could
not function as the supervisor.  I happen to pass most of QA checklists to
the lead histotech.  As far as documented QC of stains CLIA '88
[493.1259(c)]requires that be performed by a pathologist.
Charles R. Embrey Jr., PA(AAPA), HT(ASCP)
Histology Manager
Carle Clinic
Urbana, IL

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Hi everyone,
This is kind of a vague question. Is there a clear line between
administrative duties performed by pathologists' assistants and duties
performed by a Histology supervisor/AP supervisor?  I have recently been
approached about improving (read "creating")the QA programs in Histology.
Also, they want this process to be coordinated with the Gross room and
I currently do all the QA for the pathologists and the Gross room.  I am not
a supervisor and have been told that as a mid-level provider, I could never
be a supervisor.
What do you think?

Rita Johnson
Guthrie Clinic
Sayre, PA

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