Still births are handled here like any other hospital death.  If the family
wants me to examine the baby they have to sign a request for autopsy.  The
body is sent to a funeral home afterwards. 

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Thank you.  Can you be a bit more detailed about how you handle still

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> This is a sticky situation that boils down to state law.  In Illinois we
> implemented a new law this year requiring us to offer the miscarriage
> (regardless of gestational age)to the family for funeral purposes.  If
> decline and it is less than 20wks we handle it as a specimen and then
> dispose of it like any other specimen.  20wks and greater is handled as a
> stillbirth.
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> I asked about this before and only got a couple responses.  I am
> interested in how you are handling "products of concept", fetus, embryo,
> etc.  Do the families have access to these tissues?  Do you ask
> permission of the patient to use thier cells for research, such as with
> stem cell harvasting, tissue culture, cloning, etc.?  Is there a clear
> policy in place at your institution regarding this?
> I would like to be updated from UK people on your "tissue retention"
> situation there.  When I was there in Oct. 2001, everything had to be
> returned to the patient if requested, even single cells, blocks, and
> slides.
> Patsy

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