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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Dear Silvia,
	There are many books to suggest, but there is one general one for a
beginner with a degree.  Go to a university or medical school library and
consult the heaviest, old, 1980-1995 Histo textbook you can find.  Check
Sternberg, Histology for Pathologists, Lippincott (recent info for the
update of experts, AND $200.00!!!!) 

	If you took biology then you also want to search the secondary
literature for reviews that discuss the functions of liver cells.  There are
also many virtual histo sites on the web.  Look for books by Ross or Fawcett
in the libraries.  Also, you might get lucky and find older books on
comparative histology which will illustrate the structure of liver in
non-mammals as well.  Paperbacks are OK, especially recent, but thin doesn't
spend much effort on coordination of structure and function.  A good
presentation of histology can be a synthesis of structure and function or
just another boring lab holding hands with an inadequate light microscope.

	From here on, I did what you CAN do to increase your confidence.  I
searched Google for , , and .

Try these:
ml (PDF files)

then perhaps these for pathology:'s
a 25 page summary of Liver Pathology, a good place to start.)

Finally, I came across the Liver Pathologist's handbook, or so it is
described; (a
BIG book about liver pathology, likely to have lots of photos and citations
to appropriate primary references to TEM protocols, etc.)  

The above book, around $400-500 will be a convenient test of your
supervisor's enthusiasm.

Hope this helps,

Fred Monson

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> Subject: 	Normal ultrastructure of rat liver
> Dear all,
> I'm a beginner in the EM field. Has somebody got a good reference (paper
> or
> book) about the normal ultrastructure of liver? 
> I work with rodent tissues.
> Thanks in advance
> Have a nice day!
> Silvia
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