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Hi Brett,
	Methyl Green is one of the aminotriarylmethane dyes and in all
preparations there is some crystal violet present which is removed using
chloroform when specific dyeing of DNA is desired.  There is one paper that
is often cited when staining of DNA (Nucleic Acids) is mentioned.  That is:

		Hewson Swift(1955), "Cytochemical Techniques for Nucleic
Acids" in The Nucleic Acids, Vol II, Chargaff, E. and Davidson, J.J. (Eds.),
Academic Press, NY, NY, pp. 51-92.

	Generally as I understand the discussion, MeGrn under the right
conditions associates with the phosphate groups of DNA and not those of RNA,
though when conditions change, both nucleic acids can bind the dye.  I have
used the method of 
			Kurnick, N.B.(1950), "Methyl Green-Pyronin:  I.
Basis of Selective Staining of Nucleic Acids", J. gen. Physiol., 33:
243-264. and the second article immediately following,

			Kurnick, N.B. and Mirsky, Q.E.,  "Methyl
Green-Pyronin:  II, Stoichiometry of Reaction with Nucleic Acids", J. Gen.
Physiol., 33:  265-274)

Hope this helps,

Fred Monson

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> Does anyone know what molecule(s) in the cell's DNA binds the methyl green
> stain?
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