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From:"Horn, Hazel V"

I love our DAKO, in fact today I am getting  an upgraded unit today that
does special stains.   I can't wait!!
Too much fun!!!

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> Greetings - I have another question for all of you.  I have tried the 
> Histonet Archives but cannot get in now.
> Our department is considering buying an automated immmunostainer.  They 
> have narrowed the field to the Dako and the new Biogenex.  I know my 
> preference, but will not state it here.  
>     I would like to hear from those of you who have either of these 
> machines, your likes, dislikes, trouble with the machine, etc.  I would 
> also like info about those who run special stains on the Biogenex.  What 
> stains do you do and do you have to use Biogenex reagents?  
>      I know there are a lot of questions, but this is a lot of money.  
> Thank you.  Cheryl
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