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Here is a method for Alcian Yellow  (formalin fixed tissue)

1. 1% periodic acid
2. 5% sodium metabisulphite
3. 1% Alcian Yellow (1 gram Alcian Yellow in 100ml of 50% ethanol; add 3ml
of glacial acetic acid)
	*filter before use
4. Toludine Blue Stock Solution
	1 gram tol. blue	and 100ml of distilled water(DW)
5. Toludine Blue working solution
	0.5ml of Tol blue stock with 50ml of DW and add 2 drops of 3% sodium

**solutions 1 and 5 should be made fresh each time

1. dewax and dehydrate sections
2. oxidize in periodic acid for 10 min.
3. wash well in tap water
4. treat with 5% sodium metabisulphite for 5 min.
5. wash for 2 min. in tap water
6. stain with Alcian yellow for 5 min.
7. wash well again
8. stain in toludine blue working solution for 3 min.
9. wash well in tap water
10. blot dry
11. clear and mount

Helicobacter pylori	blue
mucin				yellow
background			pale blue

The literature reads that this stain is useful as a screening tool.

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Is anyone using a nonsilver method for HP?

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