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From:"Hinton, Sandy"

Kathy Dwyer at Methodist Hospital and Debbie Sienna at Baylor Hospital in Dallas would both be good resources for you. I believe that Debbie coordinates study group sessions for people who are in the process of studying for their HT examination.

Majors book store is close to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Major’s carries primarily medical books so they should be a good resource.

Hope this info is helpful. Good Luck!

SH-UTMB Galveston


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I've been paying attention to the 'study helps for certification' for some of the histotechs working here.  Just wanted to say thanks to everyone sharing!

As to obtaining these materials, I haven't started.  I have located several 'hard to find' medical type books through and will start there myself when I'm told I can spend some money for the department.  I haven't tried Ebay but it may be worth trying as well. 

Greg Carpenter

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hello histonetters,


I would like to ask any information here in Dallas, Texas where i can find a review center for HT/HTL exam. And could you possibly give me a detailed book reviewer for this exam. somebody mentioned Carson book, Sheenan and bancroft/gamble book. Which edition and where can we find it? Can we find it in any barnes and noble store or you have to order it from ASCP ? I wish you could help me with this, I want to prepare myself for this exam.

I would appreciate your help on this regard.


Reuel Cornelia



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