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From:Walzer Susan

I had a pathologist bring me a block years ago from Carvelle( sp.?) in
Lousiana.(I think it was a hospital for Hansen's) I do not know if it is
still there. I heard that armadillos are the only other animal to carry this
disease. Would love to know more..

Susan L. Walzer

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Hi Histonetters!

My current problem, is my search for some new Fite control blocks.  Leprosy
is apparently not rampant on the prairies (Canadian that is)!

Does anyone know where I can get some new blocks/tissue to process??  Am
willing to beg, trade, etc!!  Might have to go to Molokai and self biopsy
soon if I don't find any!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
Ph - 403-944-4760
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