RE: Concerned about working with carcinogens

From:Bruce Gapinski

The problem I have with Clear-Rite is that one has no idea when the vapor
level is too high. Xylene may be health haz 2 and Clear-Rite is 1 but I feel
we're lured into a false sense of safety with Clear-Rite. What does too much
Clear -Rite smell like? NOTHING!
Bruce (I am not a rep, old school duffer) Gapinski

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		From:	Margaret Horne [mailto:mhorne@Upei.CA]
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		Subject:	Re: Concerned about working with carcinogens

		Instead of working with Xylene , we substitute Clear-Rite.
I'm told 
		that Xylene clears more quickly so I am careful not to rush
		times,but we get good results.  
		           The Clear-Rite  is a mixture of alphatic
hydrocarbons.  It 
		has a health hazard index of 1 ( slightly hazarous). I still
		gloves and use it in the fume hood. Xylene has a health
		index of 2 ( moderate hazard).

		          The supplier , if your interested , is :
		                               Somagen Diagnostics Inc.
		                               Edmonton , Alberta
		                               Fax: 1-780-438-6595

		          The manufacturer is Richard-allan Scienific
		                                        Kalamazoo , MI

		      Hope this is helpful ,  Margaret
		Margaret Horne 
		Dept. of A&P,
		Atlantic Veterinary College, U.P.E.I.
		550 University Ave., Charlottetown,
		P.E.I.,  C1A 4P3 

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