New CLIA Reg?

We will have a routine CLIA inspection in few days.  The inspector was kind 
enough to call me in advance and let me know that they will be inquiring 
about certain statistics that they have never inquired about before.  
Apparently this is something new.  They want the total number of slides 
(surgical path not cytology) that we prepared and examined on an annual 
basis, broken down by H&E, special stains, etc.  Has anyone else encountered 
this before, and can you cite the relevant CLIA reg for this?  I have placed 
a call about this to the CAP office in Washington, D.C., but have not had a 
reply yet.  I am curious why CLIA wants this information and what they will 
do with the information once they have it.  As far as I know, we prepare 
slides well within the standard of care, if not beyond.
Thanks for your input.
David Borel
Dermatopathology Diagnostics

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